Monday, January 18, 2010

Back to College!

Today, I started back to college. I'm so excited, but a little overwhelmed. I've spent most of the day reading what I'm supposed to do on the school's website. There is a lot to absorb when you are going to school online. But I'm definitely a visual learner, so reading works better for me than a traditional classroom where I have to listen and absorb.

I haven't had any time to be creative. I will eventually get in the grove and get back to the wearing of all of my many hats... Thank Goodness the house is orderly for today, otherwise, I might go a little nuts. Of course, it does take a little swishing and swiping daily to keep it orderly, so that will need to be fit into my schedule as well. Maybe I should just quit sleeping? LMBO! Hubby wouldn't like a grumpy girl and no sleep makes Tracy very grumpy... It will all work out. I have faith.

This card was created using the crayon resist technique. If you look on you can learn the technique there. It's not one of my favorites because I'm an "in the lines" kind of gal. As you can see, it's difficult to see where you are coloing the white crayon before you add the ink. Once the ink is added and the white crayon is then wiped off, you are left with an image that's pretty cool, but just not as precise as I would have liked. "I'm just sayin'..."