Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brave Girl's Club

I love my daily dose of the Brave Girl's Club.  I have "liked" it on Facebook which allows me to get a daily dose of very inspirational words that speak right to my heart.  This particular post spoke to me:  The words "Truth feels good and peaceful and warm, even when the truth is a hard reality."  I have had a tough two years since losing my job (nothing I cannot get through since I have a wonderful support system and I am a child of God!), and in some cases, it's been a humbling experience as well.  Through it all, when discussing my problems with family and friends, I always kept it honest.  Being known as a "liar" was not something I wanted to add when describing myself.  I highly recommend the "Braves Girl's Club".  Check it out... You won't be disappointed.  

This particular card I made for my friend Marcie.   I had mentioned that I liked something in her scrapbook arsenal, a wonderful Cuttlebug folder, and she went out and bought it for me and sent it to my house!  What an amazing surprise to receive in the mail.  Her note was very simple... it said "Because I  knew you liked it..."  How sweet!  I have a quote (well, I have several but they don't all apply here...) that I say to my daughters..."To have friends, you have to be a friend."  Marcie is a true friend.  And not because she bought me a Cuttlebug folder.  But because she shares herself with me and makes my life happier.  I hope you have a friend like that.

The plastic sheet is recycled from a purchase I made where the product is encased in plastic? You know the ones... the products we cannot open such as DVDs!  I saved it and then ran it through my Cuttlebug machine with a Cuttlebug folder.  It made a really terrific impression and I loved the look!  Everything is monochromatic on the card with touches of pink.  I hope you like it.  

I'm just sayin'....