Monday, April 22, 2013

That's rude!

You will not believe this one... Or maybe I am naive?

I have worked as a contractor at this current law firm for over a year now.  It is customary in a law firm that the firm celebrates Administrative Assistant Day for an entire week and celebrates all non-attorney personnel.  

Last year, even though I had been at the firm for only 1 month, I was included in the celebrations.

This year, I was told "I don't want to hurt your feelings, but we were told that we could only honor actual employees and we needed to keep the line between employees and non-employees."

Everyone got this little "banner" on their nameplate this morning.  I sit out in the open and I do not have one on my nameplate.  I think this is just rude.  Anyone else?

Oh the joys of humanity at times....

I'm going to keep creating folks!  It is my true joy anyway!  



Mancave Mania

When we moved into our current home there were two things that drew us into purchasing our house.  The first was the basement.  We have always wanted one and, other than it flooding 4 times so far, we have thoroughly enjoyed it.  

The other thing that really sold my husband on the house was the detached garage in the backyard.  It is 40 feet by 25 feet and the joy on his face when he saw it was measurable!  I did not have a leg to stand on once he saw that garage.  

His first course of action for the garage?  Move the '75 Corvette that he's going to remodel one day into the garage (the key words in this sentence in case you did not pick them up are "one day...").  The second course of action... build a mancave for the "Byrd Street Hooligans"!

Let me explain the Byrd Street Hooligans for a moment.  My husband has an alias.  He was 6 when his great-grandpa called him "Tom Byrd".  My hubby thought that was "cool" and began referring to himself as "Tom Byrd".    When he started school at the tender age of 6, he signed his papers as Tom Byrd.  His teacher thought that she had a new student and added him to the roster.  After a few days, she called my mother-in-law to find out why "David Boyle" was not attending class and whether he was still enrolled.  It was then discovered that "Tom Byrd" and "David Boyle" were one and the same!!  Isn't that a cute story?   

To this day, he still calls himself that...  Seriously...  Not formally of course, but anything that he does, it is done by "Tom Byrd".  Hence, the name of his "gang" is "Byrd Street Hooligans."  

Did you notice that I used the word "gang".  Yep, you read that right.  Hubby thinks that he's in a "gang".  Him and "his boys."  They were all into the television show "Sons of Anarchy" at the time that they "formed" their "gang".   They even  had to have positions within the "gang" such as "President", "Vice-President", and "Sgt. at Arms"...  This is a 50 year old man... 

 They even drew a logo.  Those are wrenches in the skill since hubby is a jack of all trades...

Take a deeper look at the "mancave"...  All design ideas were made by hubby.  I think he did a pretty good job!

He loves his neon... This is the "bar" side of the room.  That's why it is painted green.

 Tony Gonzales... Former Kansas City Chiefs, now an Atlanta Falcons... Hubby forgave him for that... I think...

This artwork was purchased at the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park many years ago for our son's bedroom.  We have inherited it.  It has military planes on it and hubby used to work on some of them.

Schematic of a cockpit?  Boys are dumb...  

 The obligatory flat screen tv...

The rug was purchased by my MIL for her home.  Once hubby saw it, he badgered her until she gave it to him.  I think it's perfect right where it is!

The sword to the right of the Coors sign was given to us by our son who was stationed in England at the time.  He got our "coat of arms" while over there.  Pretty darn cool present.  

Hubby created the bar himself.  In fact, he did the entire room by himself.  Remember, it used to be a garage.  The wash bin is his "sink".

This Budweiser light was in pieces and hubby gently put it back together.  He got this from my stepdad and has always loved it.

And this is the "sports" side of the room.  That's why it is painted in KC Chiefs colors.

 Finger football board.  Lots of fun has been had at that board!

What do you think of our "cave"?  Keep making your space beautiful everyone!  

"Creativity takes courage..."  Henri Matisse

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