Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wedding Journey – Jessica’s Venue #3

Okay, so our first venue was the Biltmore Ballrooms which you can read about in THIS post.    The ballrooms were very grand, and everything was "ala carte"...  Meaning, everything in there needed to be rented.  And it was also very expensive just to rent the room.  So, we had to put the ballrooms on the "we need to check elsewhere" list.  
The second venue was the Piedmont Room which you can read about in THIS post.  Jessica was really interested in this room because she loved the idea of the midtown skyline as her backdrop.  The room has a really warm glow at dusk and it can be really beautiful.  However, Jessica felt it wasn't quite "grand" enough for her "elegant" wedding.  So, the hunt continued.
The third venue that we took a look at is the Dekalb History Center located in Decatur, Georgia.  It is located just minutes from downtown Atlanta, but has a charming historic square.  It was built in 1895 but suffered through a fire (I believe) in 1906.  The outside was damaged and had to be rebuilt, however, the inside remained intact.  It’s a beautiful site that is clad in marble throughout the interior with large, arched windows in the main “ballroom”.

This stairway takes guests up to the 2nd floor “ballroom”. 
Marble stairs

This is the doorway into the “ballroom” where the ceremony and reception will take place.  The kitchen is off to the left making serving very easy. To the right is another room that we will have access to for anything we may need it for, such as a place to have Happy Hour during photos, or maybe to set up a photo booth!
  Entry doorway 2

Aren’t these stairs gorgeous?  We saw pictures of previous weddings and it really is a beautiful place to take pictures of the bride and groom.
Marble stairs 2

This is the room where the ceremony and reception will take place in…  It’s stunning…
Entry doorway 3
Grand Ballroom 2
Grand Ballroom 3
Grand Ballroom

This is the gazebo outside of the venue.  It will be a perfect backdrop for outside photos!
 The gazebo outside
Jessica has decided that this is it.  So, both weddings have found their venues!  Off to find the dress!