Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My very first tablescape!

Well, that title is a little off.  It's not like I've never decorated my table in all these years.  What I haven't done is participate in Susan's, at Between Naps on the Porch, Tablescape Thursday!  I'm so excited because I've been thinking about what to use for weeks.  When I had to downsize my house, I gave a lot of my stuff to Goodwill simply because I didn't have the room.  Really, this house is bigger than the other house when you include the basement, but I was in a funk, not wanting to move and hating my new kitchen.  You know us women make irrational decisions when we are in that place!

One thing that I refused to give up were my turkey plates!  Welcome to my very first participation in Tablescape Thursday.


The turkey plates were purchased from Pottery Barn.  Unfortunately, I've looked online and I no longer see them.  I've had them about 8 - 10 years now.  I just love them!  Pottery Barn does have a new turkey plate.  It's cute, so check it out online!  

The yellow and red plates were purchased at Kohl's.   The gold chargers are everywhere.  I've had mine for awhile, but you can find them easily.

The napkins I just purchased at Kohl's.  The napkin rings were loaned to me by my friend Heidi.  I think any time we can share or barter, we should do so.  So many times we think we need to purchase everything, but that's not necessary.  As long as you take care of someone else's stuff, you should feel comfortable with borrowing.  Helping each other out is what we all need to do during these difficult times.  

I was lucky to find these wine glasses at Ross.  They were 8.99 for a set of 6!  I love the stems on them. 

My mom made me the turkey in her ceramics class.  He gets to come out every year and grace my table.

I got my pilgrims from Publix many years ago.

This butter dish matches my turkey plates, which I also got from Pottery Barn.

Take a look at these table runners.  They are short, so I have two of them running perpendicular to the table.  I love them!  I got them at Kohl's recently, so if you like them, you should still be able to get them. 

I hope you liked my first contribution to Tablescape Thursday.  Set your table.  It's amazing how it cheers you up when you walk in the room.  Utilize what you have and make it special to you!  It's fun!  

I'm just sayin'...


  1. Hi there visiting from BNOTP with Susan, Your table is beautifully set !! xo HHL

  2. Welcome to TT -- your table is lovely! And I love those little turkey plates!

  3. LOVE your turkeys and your "first" tablescape! How wonderful that your turkey centerpiece has a family history!

  4. Love those turkey plates and also the butter dish! Great first tablescape!

  5. Congratulations on your first tablescape. I like your suggestion about sharing. I have borrowed chargers from my neighbor and she was thrilled!

    Robin Flies South

  6. Great job! Those turkey plates are adorable! Love the color scheme!

    Welcome to the tablescaping world!


  7. Welcome to Tablescape Thursday! Your premier entry is a winner! I appreciate that you have shared information about where to find the different elements in your table...a generous contribution to all of us dishaholics. Thank you for inviting us to take a peak at your wonderful design. Cherry Kay

  8. Those turkey plates are to die for <;)! Great first tablescape!

    Cathy's Cupboard Calamity

  9. You did a wonderful job on your first tablescape! I love your turkey plates, the other plates compliment them so nicely. The turkey centerpiece from your Mom is a great.

    Believe me, once you join Tablescape Thursday, you're going to get hooked! LOL

  10. A wonderful first tablescape. Those turkey plates are just adorable.

  11. Hello again. I am your newest follower. Your turkey plates are adorable. You created a very warm and inviting tablescape. You will be addicted. Pretty soon, you will find yourself buying more dishes. Congratulations again....Linda

  12. For your first tablescape you did a wonderful Thanksgiving table. The turkey plates are cute. Hope to see more scapes from you!

  13. You sure look like a pro sweet girl! I love the PB turkey plates, so adorable, along with the ones you paired them with. A beautiful, warm and inviting tablescape for Thanksgiving. I am your newest follower and hope to see more of your great tables. FABBY

  14. A great big welcome to Tablescape Thursdays, Tracy! We're all glad to see you here! I am really late getting around to everyone's post this week...again! I always try to make it to everyone's post because I know how hard everyone works on what they present. It's just a lot of fun to see all the creativity out there. I'm sorry you've not been able to find more of the fun turkey plates. I'll bet some will turn up when and where you least expect it! Looking forward to seeing lots more tables from you in the months to come. Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Your table looks so beautiful and festive!! I adore the turkey your Mom made - so handsome! Wishing you and your family a wonderful early Thanksgiving. They are going to love dining on your fabulous cooking at such a gorgeous table! xxoo, Heidi