Monday, April 15, 2013

The "Ugly Cupcake" Shower...

My sister-in-law Krystal and I gave our new SIL, Alicia, a baby shower on Sunday.  Actually, Krystal really did everything for the shower.  She booked the 3D ultrasound location, she hired the caterer and she sent out the invitations.  She did all of that because I was at the end of my wedding planning for my daughter during the baby shower planning and Krystal did not want to add any more stress to me.  (Thank you Krystal!)  My job was to handle the decorations and the cupcakes.  That was my only responsibility.  Easy, peasy... I can handle that!  After all, I just hosted "The Wedding of the Century!"

So I ordered the cupcakes about 4 weeks ago.  If you have a Publix Supermarket near you, you know that their bakery makes a delicious cake!  And usually, there are beautifully decorated cakes!  When I called the bakery, I told them that I needed some cupcakes that were decorated for a baby girl.  I told her that I did not know what they had for decorations in regards to cupcakes, so just make it something like sprinkles or roses or something cute.... Apparently, I was too vague...

As I walked up to pick them up, I saw these sitting on the shelf and I said to myself "Please do not be my cupcakes... please"...  And sure enough, she grabbed these ugly things when I said I was here for a pickup.   At this point, 1 hour from the shower, what is a person to do?  Are you kidding me???

Have you seen a cupcake any uglier?   Was it "Bring your 3 year old to work" day and I was just unaware?

I had to call Krystal and be talked off the ledge....  I almost took these back, but I needed to get to the shower to help set up...  They were delicious, but HIDEOUS!   What do think?

"Every child is an artist.  The problem is staying an artist when you grow up..."  Pablo Picasso

Keep creating folks!  It is good for the soul!