Monday, January 7, 2013

Mom's Bathroom Remodel

My hubby is very handy when it comes to home improvement.  In fact, in all three of the homes that we've owned, we've done all of our improvements.  Those improvements have included: closing in a garage to make a bedroom, laundry room and family room; installing new kitchen cabinets and counter-tops; removing windows; re-tiling bathrooms; putting in heated floors; and even removing arches from a formal living room that we wanted to close in with pocket doors.  We thoroughly enjoy the creative aspect of a remodel.  

In light of all of this, when my mom and step-dad said that they wanted to remodel their bathroom, Hubby knew that he could handle the job.  Plus, because I'm trying to do something creative each day of the year, by helping Hubby out, this is a great way to meet my goals!  We are hoping this remodel goes quickly because we are getting close to our daughter's wedding and mom is housing some of the family that is coming in for the wedding.  We need bathrooms!!

This photo below shows where the tub used to sit.  My parents wanted to remove the tub because it is never used and replace it with a nice, two person shower.  The windows will need to be removed; the floor will need to be leveled; the walls will need to be erected; and then plumbing will need to be plumbed.  

This is a photo of their vanity which will be removed.  My parents have bought an old buffet that they are hoping to use in this space.  Mom wants more counter space and only one sink.

This is a photo of the old, VERY small shower that home builders are placing in all the houses these days.  How in the WORLD do they expect us women to shave our legs in that small of a space???  This area will become an over sized linen closet.  What woman would not love that?

This is the new shower pan.  It is very light and easy to handle and the tile gets tiled directly over this pan.  Things have certainly changed in recent years.  Hubby and I remodeled our bathroom in the past and changed out the shower pan.  It weighed over 400 pounds and we had to get it upstairs!  Boy, was that a job for many people!  

Excluding me, of course...

In this photo, you can see my important contribution...  It's a job that I took seriously....New title:  Tile Buster...  

I placed that blue thingy under the tile and hit it with the hammer and then I used the smaller thingy and pried the tile from the top.  I had to do this several times per tile to make progress.   I could not lift my arms for a day afterwards.  Not a pretty sight when trying to put my makeup on...

Look Ma!  No windows!  The windows have been completely removed and now "green board" is going up.  Green board is used in "wet" areas.  Also, you cannot see it, but the 2x4 on the right side is the wall that will have the shower head,  knobs and cut-outs for holding shampoo, etc.  I'll add that photo as we make progress.

So what do you think so far?  Keep coming back to see our progress.  

Embrace creativity!  Even the smallest action/task can lift your spirits!