Thursday, April 28, 2011

Storms Across the Southeast

Our TV stations have all been reporting all evening on this ferocious weather that the Southeast is experiencing.  As of right now (10:58 PM EDT, April 27th), we are not sure of the damage done to Georgia.  It's just too dark outside for the authorities.   However, we do know there is significant damage done to our sister-state, Alabama.  My niece goes to the University of Alabama and she was there during those storms.  Praise God that she's okay, just a little scared.  Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was affected by these storms.  My area is not out of the woods yet, as the storm appears to be headed my way and I can hear the thunder.  I'm hunkered down in my "studio" which is located in my basement away from all windows and doors.  This next hour or so will be when Georgia gets the brunt of these storms.   

It's daylight now and I can say that was an incredible night of devastation.   At 12:30 am last night, I was worried to hear a tornado was headed to my youngest daughter's dormitory.  Her RAs woke everyone up and got them to the first floor and in the end, her campus was not hit, however these pictures were taken from the county next to me and the county above her college.  All total, Georgia so far has a death toll of 14.  Our prayers are with everyone that was affected by these deadly storms.  Keep safe everyone.  

Spalding death_20110428085412_JPG

Neighbor Ken Moore comforts Stacey Peavy (right) as she looks where  her 13-year daughter was sucked out of their house by a tornado -- without serious injury.