Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Candles, and more candles...

Okay, while most people in the US were watching the championship game last night (and I should have been but I hate Alabama, but that's for another day...), I had two tasks that I wanted to accomplish... Well, two tasks that involved the television...  (You didn't think I meant physical tasks, like washing clothes or cleaning the kitchen, did you?)

Number One: watch Downton Abbey, Season 3, Episodes 1 & 2.  

Let me say this:  If you are not watching DA, you are missing a real treasure.  Maggie Smith is delightfully devilish with her snobby ways.  Of course, I'm sure the British would not call it "snobby".  They would say it was "elite" or "aristocratic", blah, blah, blah....  When Violet (Maggie's character) said to her own son "I'm sorry, I thought you were the waiter" because he's dressed in a tux and not tails, I thought I would spew my Cherry Coke Zero out of my nose.  Seriously...  The look on "Lord Grantham's" face... 

Who's with me?  Raise your hands... What, what?

Number Two:  (it takes a lot of courage to admit this one) watch The Bachelor.  

Listen, before you judge... Have you SEEN the new Bachelor this year...?  Do not be hatin' until you take a little peek, okay?  What I love about this show is not that I believe that someone can find their "wife/husband" in two months time while on a television show vying for the attention of 26 other contestants, but that there are some true "train wrecks" out there!  How can people behave this way??  Maybe I should quit watching so that I can impact the decisions of the powers-that-be and get them to realize that this is exploitation at its finest form (yeah, cause little 'ole me will make a difference!).  But I feel like I'm sitting at the Colosseum in Ancient Rome.  You just cannot avert your eyes.  

Who's with me?  Seriously...

Anywho, it will be a good season, I'm sure.  And I'm sure Sean will propose after two months only to break up two months after the show finishes airing...  Cynical?  In this area, yep...

Now, just to clear up, I DO believe you can find your true love in a short amount of time, but that's for another day as well...Its just in the case of this show:  TV cameras, other women, orchestrated conflicts... It's meant for TV people!

Okay, back to being creative!  Yes, each day of this year, I am trying to spend time doing at least one thing creative.  (It may be a challenge for tomorrow's post since tonight is our first wedding dress fitting, but I'm up for the challenge!)  By the way:  Just the very nature of writing this blog is being creative, so if I post something everyday, I meet my goal!  See, how clever am I?

The wedding of my daughter is gearing up.  We have two months left and things are starting to get a little crazy.  Payments are due, shoes are too big, dresses (mine) need to be found and purchased, nightmares about "bad weddings" are being had...  It's a magical time!

This photo below represents some of the chaos.  This past weekend, we went to Ikea in search of candles.  70 candles and $230 dollars later, we "parked" them in my dining area.   I have a feeling that lots of things are going to get "parked" in my dining area over the next few months.  "WHAT do I need with all those candles", you ask? 

Stick around for a future post and I'll show you.  It's going to be a beautiful wedding.  

Have a terrific day and do something creative!