Sunday, June 26, 2011

Metamorphosis Monday!

Hi!  I'm participating in Metamorphosis Monday at one of my very favorite blogs, Between Naps on the Porch!  I am also participating in Amaze Me Monday at another one of my very favorite blogs, Dittle Dattle.  Also, I'm participating in The DIY Showoff.   On Tuesday, I'm participating in Tip Me Tuesday!  On Wednesday, it's WOW Us Wednesdays!  On Thursday, head on over to Momnivore's Dilemma!

My metamorphosis took place in my very own craft studio with my very favorite craftsman, my hubby!  He even came with the plumber's crack to boot!!!  How lucky am I?  

My husband and I have been changing our homes from the time we got married.  In our first house, we closed in the garage and made a family room, a bedroom and a laundry room.  In between all of that, we pulled up carpet and installed wood floors, completely gutted the kitchen and remodeled it, rebuilt the deck to a much larger size and even decorated our master bathroom with brown paper bag!  (Hey!  It was very chic at the time!  I learned the technique from Christopher Lowell!)

In our second house, we did the same type of home improvement.  The house was twice as large as our first house, so we didn't need to expand, but: we removed arches in the "formal" living room and installed pocket doors so it was more of an office/craft studio;  removed the arch from the dining room door; re-tiled the surround around the fireplace and removed the mantel; custom built our media stand;  installed wood floors; replaced the carpet upstairs; and gutted and remodeled the master bathroom; and even painted a faux stone wall in our family room.  I loved that house!

Our third house (and hopefully our last) has a full basement and it's my FAVORITE part of the house.  Because in the full basement is an amazing craft studio!  Well, I think it's amazing!  The previous owners used it for their catering business.  So, there was some plumbing that we needed to remove.  Since that time, me and my hubby have been tweaking it to make it just right (we have a long way to go).  Let me show you some pictures.....

This is my stand-up workstation in my studio.  ("Stand-up" because there isn't a place for a chair.  I designed it that way.  I sometimes like to stand to craft.)  It is a solid station that my hubby built to be used for embossing, using my Cricut, using my Cuttlebug, etc.   He enclosed two IKEA shelving units into a frame that he built up off of the floor (protection from flooding - been there, done that!).  So the other evening, Hubby was studying it and said "You need more light."  I said "Uh huh...  (Not really paying attention as I was too busy on Pinterest!).  He said, "I have just the solution!".  And off he went.    

We had these red hanging lights in our bedroom at the last house and didn't know what we should do with them.  (Red is my FAVORITE color!)  Hubby decided those were going above my shelves.  And, it was UNACCEPTABLE for the wires to hang down.  

So here he is wiring...  (BTW:  He was working on another project before this one and TOTALLY got sidetracked on this project.  He loves me...)
The wires had to go up into the ceiling.  That way, no one would see them.  

Him:  "Honey, can you snake me that cord through the ceiling?"...  Me:  "Wha?"
What happened to my clean workstation?

Oh the HORROR!  These are the scenes where I try not to panic.  He is, after all, "in progress"...

And suddenly...


The shelves will eventually have RED fabric baskets populating them, once I can find the ones I want...  My studio theme is black, white and red.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoy the room.  There is still more stories in this craft studio.  Check back often for more metamorphosis'!

Thank you Hubby!  I love you!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Creative Canvas

I met a new friend, Kim Purcell, who is opening an art studio in my adorable home town of Senoia, Georgia.  Creative Canvas allows you to have an art party, girls night out, or workshop (and bring your choice of favorite beverage!) for all levels of artists!  She even has classes for children during the summer.  Kim does amazing work and is a true artist.  You will love her sweet disposition.

I will be teaching how to use Copic Markers and various card classes.  Kim will be teaching paintings on canvas and my friend Heidi Meyer will be teaching mixed media.  The schedule will change to offer other classes, so check back often!   Check it out and give Kim a call to schedule your outing with your friends!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Have you heard about Pinterest?  If you haven't, you are missing out on a treasure trove!!!  It is my favorite new addiction, by far..  And when I say "addiction", I mean that I could stay on the website for HOURS!  Let me tell you a little about it so I can get you addicted as well...

Pinterest is like a virtual cork board.  Let me explain.   You know how you go to a website or blog and think "Oh my gosh, I have to save this to my "Favorites" because I want to have access to how to make this recipe at a later date..."?  And at that "later date", you want to make the recipe, but you cannot remember which site in your "Favorites" the recipe is located?  AND, when you save the site into your "Favorites", you save the whole site, not just the individual post where the recipe is located?  It's a virtual nightmare, is it not????

Enter... Pinterest!

Here's how it works.  

  • Click on my link to get to Pinterest.   
  • You either request an "Invite" from an existing member on Pinterest (that's me!), or you "Sign Up" to be a member.   Signing up does take a little bit of time to be approved, so it's quicker if you request an invite from an existing member.   
  • Once you are a member, you create "boards".  This is why I refer to Pinterest as a "virtual cork board".  You can name your boards whatever you like that makes sense to your collection.  For instance, I have "Recipes to Try" and "Books Worth Reading" to name a few. 
  • Start "Pinning"!  If you are surfing the internet and come across something you like and want to remember for later, you "pin" the item to whatever board you want it to go to.  Pinterest gives you a nifty little icon for your bookmarks toolbar that when you click, you can easily pin!  
  • Anyone who is following my boards will see my "pins" and if they like what I've found while "surfing", they can repin from my board!  Likewise, anyone I'm following, I can repin their internet "finds" for me to refer back at a later time.  
If you want an invitation, just let me know and I'll send you one.  Thanks for reading!

Keeping Focused

There are some bloggers who keep their personal lives private, and I do understand that.  However, for me, I enjoy reading blogs about every day occurrences in our lives.   It makes us human.  On that note, lots of positive things have been going on with me in the last month.  

 I've gone back to college.  When I finished my Associate's last December, I had to wait until May due to financial aid to start my Bachelor's.  I started back on May 17th and I can tell you, learning is really fascinating.   I'm still studying Information Technology (since that is where my experience is from) and I hope I can find a job when I'm finished to pay off my loans!  Right now, the only problem I see is it's cutting into my creative time!   I attend the University of Phoenix and I really enjoy going to college from the comfort of my home.  The classes are really fast paced and finish in 5 weeks.  It's quite the whirlwind, I'd say...  But I like the challenge.

I had foot surgery two days ago.  I have been walking around with a sore heel for at least 13 years and decided it was time to fix it!  Cortizone shots were no longer cutting the mustard!  I had plantars fasciitis and my doctor made two incisions on my heel and cut the tendon that was causing me issues.  Right now, it hurts.    But I get to take the boot off tomorrow and try to put a regular shoe on... I'm not sure if I'll be able to walk, but as we all know, time will heal it and I will be better off.  (At least, I'm sticking to that story and hoping for the best!!!)

Next week I'll be going to Wichita, Kansas to get my Intermediate Copic Certified Designer training!  There were no classes in my area until December, so I am visiting my in-laws in Wichita and going to class!  It's a win-win! 

Enough about me....   

For this particular card, I did not use Copics.  I was given the task of creating a card with flowers and watercolors.  I used a gray card stock and a pink card stock which I ran through my Cuttlebug folder.  The stamps are from StampTV.  I used my Stamping Up watercolor crayons to color the image.  Then I used some crocheted flowers that I harvested from a skirt that I purchased from the thrift store!  I added the gray ribbon and a pink button, along with yellow stickles at the center of each flower.  

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, June 17, 2011

"A Prairie Fairy Event"...

I have some most exciting news for me... I am going to attend Jenn Hayslips "Once Upon a Dream - A Prarie Fairy Event" in Asheville, NC!  As Jenn states: "This event is for the free-spirit and creative souls that still believe in fairytales...."

 The event takes place in October.  I initially missed the opportunity to sign up (it filled up quickly!) but recently received an email from Jenn saying that a spot had opened up!  I cannot tell you the excitement that I'm feeling!  This is a true art event with some seriously artsy women in attendance!   I am so intimidated.  My hope is to learn and to be inspired.  I have no doubt that these goals will be met.

During the event, we will be having swaps.  I've signed up for them all!  Do you think I'm crazy? Because  I do!  But when I started thinking about which one I wanted to participate in, I couldn't fathom missing out on one.  So I signed up for them all.  I have to create an apron, a small fairy house and a fairy shoe, to name a few...  Over the next few months, I'll post my creations as I'm going through them.  I cannot hardly wait!

Once Upon an Event...