Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wedding Anyone?

Will you be watching the Royal Wedding?  I remember where I was when Lady Diana became Princess Diana.  I was still in high school and I remember skipping school to watch what I thought was a real life fairy tale.  It was every young girl's dream and that wedding was a testament that it could happen for all of us if we wanted it.  However, as we all know, it wasn't a fairy tale at all and tragically, after subsequent affairs and their divorce, Diana died in 1997 while being hounded by paparazzi.    Again, I remember where I was when that happened and it really affected me.  So much so that even though I was at Walt Disney World with my hubby and young children, I was really sad about her death.

Skip forward 14 years.  Now it's time for another Prince to marry his Princess.  (They do seem to be in love which is much more than we can say about his mother and father.)  The wedding is all we've heard about for the last 4 months.  And frankly, I'm not that into it...  I'm curious because I'd like to compare his wedding with his mother's.  And I do wish these two nothing but happiness because I admired his mom so much.  But I really think I'm just going to TiVo the wedding and watch it when I can...  I guess that means that I'm no longer a naive young girl who believes in fairy tales.  I hope that doesn't make me a cynical old ochre...  What about you?  Are you going to get up at 4:00 am to watch the wedding? 

Well, on to something different.  And boy, was this card different!  I belong to a group who meets monthly and our assignment was to incorporate "wire" into our project.   Wire?  Seriously?  So I came up with a basket made of chicken wire.  You read that right.  Chicken wire.  Where I came up with this, who knows.  And since I had never worked with chicken wire, I mistakenly thought it was a clever idea. 

Here is my card...  I loved, loved the background, which I created myself.  The colors are beautiful, I thought.  I used Martha Stewart's gold ink pad and did a mixture of several stamps.  I made sure that I stamped off prior to stamping on my background.  It gave me a more subtle look.   I also used Stamping Ups! Sky Blue ink pad and added some light floral touches.  The flower in the center is a Prima flower.  The lace around the top of the basket came from the dollar store in Canada (thank you my friend Karen!).  I used ivory HugSnug seam binding. 

I had to laugh everytime I explained my card...  Chicken wire????

I'm just sayin'....