Thursday, April 4, 2013

More realistic fashion...For a woman my age...

I have been reading blogs lately and I am thoroughly enjoying most of them.  My recent favorites are Mix and Match Family, and Pinterest Told Me To, among others.   These women are fun, fashion conscious, young mamas and it is fun to read about their daily lives.   I have been wanting to work on my wardrobe for many years and I am sure that if I were ever to go on the TV show "What Not To Wear", I would be the first person that Stacy London could not makeover.....  (Who doesn't love a pair of sweat pants and a big fluffy sweat shirt?)  So I love to see what fashion Shay and Sheaffer are conjuring up for us ladies...  The fashions on these blogs make me think "Oh!  I should try to wear my shorty shorts with my WEDGES!  Why didn't I think of that!" Because that is what women in their late 40s are doing these days!  

NOT.  And if we are, we should all make a "citizen's arrest!" when we see one.  Come on!  Not only is it a crime against all humanity, but did you see my post about my ankle?  It cannot take the agony of a wedge, as cute as they are....

The common theme with most of the blogs I am reading lately are that they are young moms, who are all skinny!  (I do not remember being skinny when I was a young mom!!!)  Are there any blogs out there discussing fashion for us older moms who have rounded around our edges?  ("Rounded around"?  Hmmmm....)

To answer that question as I am writing this, I am not sure.  So why can't my blog discuss fashion?  Even though my fashion tastes leave a lot to be desired, I would like to talk about fashion for us "older" women and what looks good and makes us feel pretty.  After all, skinny jeans may not be for everyone....

Strike that last sentence.  Skinny jeans ARE for everyone!  They make your legs look really good, as long as you pair them with an oversized shirt that hides the lumps and bumps.  You know which ones I am talking about!  And if our ankles are sensitive, why can't we wear cute flats instead of a wedge?

I am going to have an occasional post regarding fashion for women in our 40s and 50s.  And I'm going to start with Cato Fashions.  This is one of my favorite stores to find clothing that FITS me and is fashionable.  (Note:  I am not being endorsed by anyone, as you can see, on my blog.  This is my personal opinion.)  

Take a look at this lace top!

I'm not sure about the "no-sleeves" for us with our own private wind-sails, but this is so pretty!  It's $27.99!  What a great addition to amp up your summer wardrobe.  Throw away those t-shirts ladies!

And look at this cute ensemble...

LOVE those wedges!  Wish my ankle could wear them!  The top is $19.99 and the pants are $24.99.  What a cute outfit at an affordable price.  

Where do you shop for affordable clothes that make you feel pretty?  Give a shout out to let us know!

Thanks for reading!