Monday, January 14, 2013

Wedding Cake!

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that my oldest daughter is getting married this March.  I'm sorry to keep repeating it for those of you that know this already, but I need to get our new readers updated!  So now, everyone is updated... See faithful readers, that was not painful!

I have been posting about the wedding adventure and today I want to talk about her wedding cake.  (Please note that I am not affiliated with our vendor in any way.  In fact, I'm not affiliated with any vendor at all!)  As all modern brides have done before her, Jessica found most of her wedding ideas on Pinterest.  (If you do not know of Pinterest, please, for all that is holy, read my post HERE... You will thank me.  I promise...)  

It started with a picture in Pinterest.... Harmless enough...  A beautiful picture of a wedding cake.  She pinned it and put this as her description:  "... this is THE cake I want. I've known I wanted this cake before I was even engaged ;).   The only change I would do is not to put the flowers on top so I can have a cake topper." 

Have you ever seen a more beautiful wedding cake?  

Okay, maybe you have.... but this one is perfect for Jessica!  Instead of the flowers, we are going to have a cake topper and the letter monogram will be a "C" for her new last name.  

Besides the fact that this cake is stunning, it is most likely the best cake I have EVER tasted.  By clicking on the photo within Pinterest, it took us to the bakery's website here in Atlanta.  The bakery is Gabriel's Bakery in Marietta, Georgia.  Johnnie Gabriel, the shop's proprietor is Paula Deen's cousin and the cooking gene runs deep in that family!  Johnnie's shop does cake tasting for brides-to-be.  She allowed us to pick three different cake flavors along with three different fillings, along with three different frostings.  Seriously folks, I cannot describe how delicious this cake was...  

We've decided to have a four tier cake just like in the photo and our layers are going to be as follows:  The first layer will be a white chocolate cake with raspberry filling and almond buttercream icing; the second layer will be a white chocolate cake with white chocolate filling and almond buttercream icing; the third and fourth layers will be a repeat of the first two layers.  I hope there is enough cake for me to eat it for breakfast for two weeks after the wedding...  I'm just sayin'...

Did you know that it costs $125.00 to deliver a wedding cake?  I'm in the wrong business...

Spread your creative wings folks!  It will make a difference in your life.  See you next time!