Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Journey - Jessica's Venue 1

This past Saturday, my daughter, Jessica, her fiance', Scott, and I went to the Biltmore Ballrooms in Atlanta for our first look at venue 1.  When I ask Jessica what "type" of wedding she would like to have, Jessica states "elegant..."  That's all she says...  "Elegant".  Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot (WTF)?  How is a mom to work with that?!   I guess that will be my challenge, huh? 

Jessica is indecisive.  I believe I'm not saying anything that she wouldn't say about herself.  So, her wedding will probably have to be me thinking up some ideas, and then presenting them to her for her to choose between a few instead of many.   She gets overwhelmed easily.  Luckily,  I have some girlfriends that can help me in this endeavor, but more on that later!!!

As stated, we visited the Biltmore Ballrooms in midtown Atlanta.  This is an historic hotel that has been restored in the last decade.  It is a beautiful venue and when Jessica saw it, she said "This is it..."  

No kidding... look at those pictures!  OF COURSE this is it!  

To have a wedding here on a Saturday, it costs $4500 to rent the room.  Plus, you must spend at least $4500 on food.  The ceremony is an additional $1000, but if you use the Biltmore's caterer, they will give you the ceremony for free.  Oh, I see... if I spend $9000, they will give me a ceremony that I have to have my own minister for, and they do not have to do anything extra but let me have the room for 1 hour for the rehearsal, for free..   What a bonus!

Sorry, sarcastic Tracy came out... 

If we are smart, we will have the wedding on a Friday evening.  It cost $3500 to rent the room on a Friday with NO minimum cost on food.  We would still get the ceremony for free if we used the Biltmore's caterer.  So, by having the wedding on Friday night, we would be saving thousands of dollars...  I can dig it... Can Jessica?

Stay tuned...