Sunday, June 26, 2011

Metamorphosis Monday!

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My metamorphosis took place in my very own craft studio with my very favorite craftsman, my hubby!  He even came with the plumber's crack to boot!!!  How lucky am I?  

My husband and I have been changing our homes from the time we got married.  In our first house, we closed in the garage and made a family room, a bedroom and a laundry room.  In between all of that, we pulled up carpet and installed wood floors, completely gutted the kitchen and remodeled it, rebuilt the deck to a much larger size and even decorated our master bathroom with brown paper bag!  (Hey!  It was very chic at the time!  I learned the technique from Christopher Lowell!)

In our second house, we did the same type of home improvement.  The house was twice as large as our first house, so we didn't need to expand, but: we removed arches in the "formal" living room and installed pocket doors so it was more of an office/craft studio;  removed the arch from the dining room door; re-tiled the surround around the fireplace and removed the mantel; custom built our media stand;  installed wood floors; replaced the carpet upstairs; and gutted and remodeled the master bathroom; and even painted a faux stone wall in our family room.  I loved that house!

Our third house (and hopefully our last) has a full basement and it's my FAVORITE part of the house.  Because in the full basement is an amazing craft studio!  Well, I think it's amazing!  The previous owners used it for their catering business.  So, there was some plumbing that we needed to remove.  Since that time, me and my hubby have been tweaking it to make it just right (we have a long way to go).  Let me show you some pictures.....

This is my stand-up workstation in my studio.  ("Stand-up" because there isn't a place for a chair.  I designed it that way.  I sometimes like to stand to craft.)  It is a solid station that my hubby built to be used for embossing, using my Cricut, using my Cuttlebug, etc.   He enclosed two IKEA shelving units into a frame that he built up off of the floor (protection from flooding - been there, done that!).  So the other evening, Hubby was studying it and said "You need more light."  I said "Uh huh...  (Not really paying attention as I was too busy on Pinterest!).  He said, "I have just the solution!".  And off he went.    

We had these red hanging lights in our bedroom at the last house and didn't know what we should do with them.  (Red is my FAVORITE color!)  Hubby decided those were going above my shelves.  And, it was UNACCEPTABLE for the wires to hang down.  

So here he is wiring...  (BTW:  He was working on another project before this one and TOTALLY got sidetracked on this project.  He loves me...)
The wires had to go up into the ceiling.  That way, no one would see them.  

Him:  "Honey, can you snake me that cord through the ceiling?"...  Me:  "Wha?"
What happened to my clean workstation?

Oh the HORROR!  These are the scenes where I try not to panic.  He is, after all, "in progress"...

And suddenly...


The shelves will eventually have RED fabric baskets populating them, once I can find the ones I want...  My studio theme is black, white and red.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoy the room.  There is still more stories in this craft studio.  Check back often for more metamorphosis'!

Thank you Hubby!  I love you!


  1. Love that space and those lamps are to die for. Inspired. I get the whole stand up thing. I have a high stool at my desk but I rarely use it. Maybe we just think better on our feet. :)
    Pam @ BeColorful

  2. Your man is a prince!! I LOVE your new workstation! You will not want to leave that amazing craft room ever! xxoo Heidi

  3. OH, SOOOOOO fantastic. Great great great !!!!!

  4. That is some hubby you have. Mine is good to me, but neither one of us have that kind of expertise. Those red lights are stunning. I can't wait to see more.

  5. That's awesome! Great job! PS - I love that he is using a pink ladder. :):)

  6. Wow!! You are so lucky to have so much space to spread out to work. The hanging lights are pretty awesome too. Great job! :)

  7. I will kill for a workspace like that! Love the red sconce lamps...
    {My craftiness is in a coat closet}

    If you have a moment today, please share this with my readers @Creative Juice Thursday Hope to see yours among all the amazing projects!