Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wedding Journey - Jessica's Bridal Shower

On Saturday, January 26th we had Jessica's first bridal shower.  My sister-in-law, my youngest daughter and Jessica's best friend were the hostesses.  They did an amazing job.  We had a mimosa bar, delicious hors devours, delightful desserts, beautiful centerpieces and a photo op "station".  Everyone had a wonderful time and I can say (non-discriminatory, of course!) that Jessica was beaming.  It was such a special day and I want to thank Alicia, Allison and Julia for all of their hard work.

This is my absolute favorite photo of the day.  This is my youngest daughter, Allison kissing the cheek of her big sister.  Total impromptu!  I dare you to not smile when you see the smile on Jessica's face.  As I said earlier, she was beaming!

Both of my girls looked beautiful on Saturday!

Julia, Jessica's best friend since 8th grade is on Jessica's right.  She is co-Maid of Honor.  Allison is also co-Maid of Honor.  Jessica wanted to honor them both.

Allison was very nervous about hosting her sister's party.  She has "party anxiety" like her mom!  From the looks of these pictures, she need not have worried.  Everyone had a great time at the "photo op" board.  This is Allison and her best friend since 7th grade, Becky.

Really?  Can you tell my girls are sisters?  They laugh the same way! My mom and sister came and enjoyed the fun as well.

This picture describes both of our personalities to a T!  Well, my sister may have something to say about that!

Allison and the Groom's baby sister, Amanda.

 Jessica and Jordan, her college roommate.

Jessica's college friends...

My baby sister and two of her three daughters...

Julia and her "baby sister", Laura.

This is my mother, the photo bomber... Have you met her before???

All in all, the day was so enjoyable.  I'll post more photos in another post last one.  Make it a creative day folks!