Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well, it has been one year and 11 days since I was let go at my last place of employment. And in that time, there were a lot of events that took place in the course of the last year.

  • I traveled to: Italy to cheer family on in the Rome Marathon; England to cook Thanksgiving for my son before he left for Iraq; Panama City Beach (5 times) to visit my parents, including once after my stepdad had a heart attack; Wichita (3 times), including once after my father-in-law had a heart attack; Disney (3 times); Washington DC (2 times) to spend time with my favorite cousin; Jacksonville to see the Georgia/Florida game with my daughter and her boyfriend; Alabama for a scrapbooking retreat; Tallahassee to see my little brother graduate from Florida State University; and South Carolina to see a wonderful, old friend.

  • I went back to college and am successfully completing my Bachelor's degree with a 3.85 GPA!

  • My son went to Iraq for 6 months during this year and is finishing up his four years of enlistment shortly, for which I am so proud.

  • My youngest child graduated from high school and we had such a good year spending time together, just the two of us! She will be off to college soon and again, I am so proud.

  • I watched my middle child continue to mature into a fine young woman who is now in her senior year of college. Do I need to say I'm proud?

  • I bought a scooter, only to have my nephew total it after only driving it for four months. It sure was fun for those four months!

  • My brother and my nephew moved in with us, along with their adorable pooch Jewels.

  • I had shoulder surgery.

  • I created my first blog.

In all of that fun, the most important event also took place. I found Tracy. I learned how to be a friend again. I relished being a daughter who could spend time with her parents and it was reaffirmed that my parents are always there for me. I thrived on being a mom. I found solace in my husband's arms. I learned to stand up for myself. I grew through adversity. I prayed a lot. I said "Hello Again" to my creative side. I forgave myself. I learned bad things happen to good people.
It's been an excellent year... Thank you all for reading...

I created this card for one of my card groups. I had to create a card using the "Spotted Background" technique. The supplies needed are three different color inks in the same color family, glossy card stock, Stazon black ink, an image of your choice, matching card stock and a ribbon. I hope you like it!


  1. Lovely card! Now I see why you were searching for tree stamps!

    It HAS been an eventful year for you--but you really have blossomed--and I am honored to be your friend!


  2. I love your card - so peaceful and sophisticated. Some things happen and we just don't know why. I am so sorry for the hard times you have been through. But I am so excited for you for all of the wonderful things that have come out of it!! You are such a creative, talented and genuine woman - love you!! xoxoxo Heidi