Thursday, December 23, 2010

Started my Christmas baking... Let the "pounds" begin....

I know, I know... This is a crafting blog so why am I posting cookie making?  Right?  Well, it's a CREATIVE blog and today I decided to be creative in the kitchen.  Two days from now, my family will be coming over for our annual Christmas Eve tradition which goes something like this:  it's a celebration of Jesus' birth along with the day we get to eat NOTHING but junk food!  All those delicious treats that we are too full to eat on Christmas Day.  (My mom has tried to sneak a ham in there a couple of times, but I will not let her.  teehee.)  It's sausage balls, little weiners, whoopie pies, popcorn snack, date nuts balls, just to name a few... am I making you hungry yet?  Yes folks, it's pure "bad for you" food.  That's the fun of it. 

So the first order of the day was Whoopie Pies.  Two days from today, they will be the most delicious "pie" you've ever placed in your mouth.

 Amazingly delicious cream filling...

While I would love to share the recipe, I cannot share the one I have.  I made a promise to someone who later didn't turn out to be a very good friend, but nonetheless, I stand by my word.  However, I will give you a tip.  If you go to Food Network or AllRecipes you should be able to find a similar recipe. 

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Oh snap!! Those whoopie pies look soooo super yummy!! Merry Christmas sweet friend! xxoo