Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My daughter and my son have both decided to get married 3 months apart.  My son lives in New Mexico but is moving to Missouri this May.  However, he and his fiance' have decided to get married in Georgia which is where we are from even though they are moving to Missouri.  Kinda like a "we aren't going to move home so we will throw you a bone and get married in Georgia" kinda thing.  Therefore, some wedding preparations for their wedding will be on my shoulders just by being their "local contact".    So, I have two weddings to work through this year that are three months apart from each other.  It should be a fun and exciting year!  I'm going to be blogging about my experiences so I hope you come along for the ride. 

 Wish me luck!


  1. Girl, it is going to be a fun and wild ride for you!! Can't wait to see both beautiful events unfold for two sweet couples. xxoo

  2. So nice write up! My daughter also tied wedding knot recently. She had a perfect wedding of her dreams. The ceremony held at one of best DC wedding venues on this Christmas Eve. The scenes all around were just fantastic. We all had a wonderful day!