Friday, January 27, 2012

Wedding Journey - Jessica's Venue 2

Okay, off to our second venue... without the bride... 


Jessica has a new job.  In fact, this is her second week of her new job.  Plus, she's newly engaged... (Talk about stress!)  She has no time off, but needs to find a venue.  


"Super Mom" to the rescue!  

My responsibility is the financial aspect of the venue.  For that, I really do not need Jessica.  So, my new sister-in-law and I went to see a venue without the bride.  Our thoughts were that if we liked the place, Jessica and Scott could go look at it on a weekend even though the business office would be closed.  So, we headed off to Atlanta to look at The Piedmont Room.   It is located at the Park Tavern restaurant right off of Piedmont Park.  In fact, the 12 foot windows offer a spectacular view of Piedmont Park and the midtown skyline as the backdrop.  It was something else.  

The room is very large.  The white tents outside would not be there during the wedding.  They house an ice skating rink during the winter.  Also, the park is in it's "winter sleep", so hopefully during the wedding, everything would be blooming.  The "alter" would be here near these windows.

The room would be our canvas to decorate.   I LOVE that.   All of these things would NOT be in the room.  There's a dance floor with plenty of room for dining.  

The bar is in the back of the room.  Over to the right, is where cocktails would take place after the ceremony while pictures were being taken.  

 This is the cocktail area.  It's actually the front of the venue.  
 It's got a rustic feel.  

 This is the front of the venue looking outside from the inside.  It's got beautiful iron gates and a stone entrance.  I wish I had taken a picture of the entrance from the outside.   You can see it on the webpage.

The bride's waiting room... 

 Looking out at the park and beyond...

 It even has a space for an intimate rehearsal dinner...  


The hunt is still on... Venue 3 has been scheduled for a visit....

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