Friday, January 4, 2013

Recipes Rebooted - Chicken Stew

One of my very favorite things to do is eat... I mean cook!  Yeah, that's what I meant!  One of my very favorite things to do is COOK.   My creative side just loves taking ingredients and throwing them together and having my family enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Unlike other creative venues, the efforts put into cooking are immediately felt with instant gratification.  Now, I have to be honest here...  I am a recipe-kinda girl.  I do not venture much with experimentation.  I know what you are thinking... Well, how is that creative?  Just the act of perusing new recipes and even old favorites gets my creative juices flowing.  And with an "I cooked, you clean" mentality in our household, cooking is really not a bad gig for me!

In my quest to continue being creative on a daily basis, tonight I made Chicken Stew with Biscuits. 

 It is an Ian Garten recipe and can be found HERE.   I modify the recipe a bit.  I do not use pearl onions because I feel there are enough onions sauteed already.  I usually use carrots and peas as my vegetables.  And lastly, I use frozen biscuits.  I'm just not going to go to all of that trouble when Mary B's biscuits (butter flavored!) are just as good.  The biscuits in this picture are flipped on the underneath side.  My hubby likes to have the top and bottom cooked so he flips the biscuits over and lets the bottom cook as well.   

When my youngest daughter's best friend comes over for the night, Chicken Stew MUST be on the menu.  Give it a try.   I KNOW you will love it.

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