Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rainbow Birthday Card

As a working woman, I know that I have to put on my wife/mom hat once I get home from the job.  I'm sure all of you do as well.  It is just the nature of being a working woman.  But I don't know what it is about Monday nights...  

Maybe it is because I no longer have kids to worry about and the fact that Hubby is working?  Maybe it is because I ride a commuter bus to work and I have to get up really early?  I'm not sure...  But for some reason, on Monday nights, I want to sit and vegetate.  I'm mean, seriously vegetate.  I want to watch my "trash TV", look at the computer for updates on my social networking;  I do NOT want to empty the cat boxes, I do NOT want to empty the dishwasher and sometimes, I do NOT even want to take my makeup off before going to bed!  Do you have those days?  I wonder if it is because I do not have anyone monopolizing my time.  When my children were little, it was imperative to have a routine.  For my sanity...  But as an empty-nester, there seems to be a lot of time to get "that" done.  So I procrastinate.  

If you are an empty-nester, how do you stay on task?  

Let's focus on creativity...

This card was created using a stencil.  I placed the stencil on my paper and then used ink and daubers.  I swirled the dauber in the ink, and then swirled (that's the term for "circular motion"!) the ink on the stencil.  Swapping daubers and ink colors gave us the creation you see below.  

What do you think?  Do you like the effect?  I think it turned out pretty and it was really easy to achieve.

Stay focused on creativity!

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