Friday, March 22, 2013

30 Years in the Making and Atlanta Wedding Florals

This week, as I started my second week in the first of the last 6 classes until I get my degree (did you follow that progression?), I got an email from my university.  The first line read "congratulations on nearing the completion of your degree..."

(I added two lines for you to get the full effect of that statement and pause like I wanted you to...)

Let me explain something before I continue...  Even though I know that I only have 6 classes left, those words above projected me up to "Mount Giddy" quicker than anything has in a LONG time...  Do you want to know why?

My degree has been 30 YEARS in the making...  That's a LONG time folks.  Let me explain.

I was in college when I met my dashing, funny, charming airman who was stationed in Oklahoma.  (Sidebar:  Have you ever seen a man in uniform?  Geez... Gets me every time!)
My plan was to go to nursing school after my freshman year and in fact, I got accepted into nursing school TWO separate times (after high school and again after my freshman year).  But Airman Charming convinced me that I could marry him AND go to nursing school.  It seemed like a WIN-WIN!

Hmmmm...  As I was on my honeymoon, orders for Airman Charming came in... 

to Japan.. 

For a three year stint....

Yep, have you ever researched "Nursing Schools for Americans in Japan"?  There are none...  
So, life got in my way.  I lived abroad, I started having children, I started working full-time and had the guilt of leaving my babies too long as it was, and I have just never been able to finish my degree.  Until now...  

I am almost done folks.   And it is so stinkin' exciting!!!!

BTW - Hubby and I met when I was 18, spent time together only 12 times before we married (lots of phone calls during that time!  It was WAY before the Internet and texting!), and only knew each other for 10 months when I married him at the ripe old age of 19.  This is our 30th year.  Not too bad, even if I am not a nurse....

Our venue...

This week I wanted to show you how our venue looked for the wedding.  I still do not have the professional pictures back, but we've got some really nice shots from people who have attended.  I hope you enjoy!  It really was a beautiful event.

Our florist was Atlanta Wedding Florals.   Nanci's work is AMAZING!  We found her through a Groupon and even though our Groupon was set to expire 5 months prior, Nanci let us purchase it to use for our March wedding.  She was professional and fun to work with.  And it was amazing how she was able to create our vision after just consulting with us.  I did have to pay extra from what I had purchased with the Groupon because it did not include things like the alter flowers, but the extra cost was reasonable and the results were stunning. 
 Look at this beautiful aisle!  Real rose petals folks...

The other side with the small bouquets on the chairs and Nanci added the ribbon.  She set up the vases, candles and rose petals. 

 Full shot of the room.  Look at that alter!

 Here is the best picture I could get for now of the design of the alter.  (I hope to post more when we get the professional photos back.)  We had asked for cherry blossoms sprays.  Nanci created the rest.  My jaw dropped when I saw it.  So worth the extra cost!  Those are cherry blossom branches and willows.  She also added hanging votives from the branches.   

This was the "sweetheart table" at the reception after the room was flipped.  Still wanted to show you the alter...

 Nanci's bouquets were stunning as well.  This is a picture of my two beautiful daughters.  Allison, my youngest, was Jessica's Maid of Honor.    
Jessica and her bridesmaids...

 It was a day I hope I'll never forget and I believe that Jessica and Scott will never forget it either.  It was truly magical.  If you have floral needs in the Atlanta area, please give Nanci a call at Atlanta Wedding Florals.  You will not be sorry.  Tell her "Tracy sent you."

Keep creating friends!  It is good for our soul!


  1. Beautiful room...and the "wedding party" is so beautiful...congrats!
    and congrats on nearing your accomplishment of your degree!...

    1. Thank you Shirley! I'll be posting more pics in my next post so please come back for more!

  2. Tracy the photos are amazing and your daughters are beautiful. CONGRATULATIONS !!!


    1. Thank you Teresa! My daughters ARE beautiful if I say so myself! Come back for more photos in my next post.