Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No "Dancing with the Stars" for me...

So I waited until my baby got up for the morning on Saturday and immediately said "Let's go for our walk!"  She reluctantly agreed.  It was not hard to convince her since we live in such a cute little town (Senoia) and the town was having an Easter egg hunt in the businesses.  (Such a cute idea!)  Allison and I walked up to the town and I went into one shop to check out Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  (I think I'm going to bite the bullet and pay the price for a quart.  I think it will make my kitchen cabinets look so much better than they do now!  But that's for another post.  Back to my walking story...)  

Let me give you a little history here... At the age of 12, I was walking in the breezeway of my middle school when I stepped wrong (I do not know how) and I sprained my ankle.  The kids in the other classes could see me and began laughing at me.  (Yes, kids are cruel).  My ankle swelled up, but I got myself up and walked to class just to save myself the humiliation I was feeling with just sitting there!  Since then, I know I have sprained my right ankle AT LEAST 15 times.  I am talking at least 15 SERIOUS sprains.  I have even sprained my left ankle, but not as often.  (Is it possible to do an ankle replacement???)  Fast forward to Saturday...

Sprain number 16...  Yep... As I was walking home, all I remember is hearing a POP, then I landed on my opposite knee and pulled a "slip and slide" move, face first.  Somehow I managed to NOT break my glasses.  Geez...  Apparently, I was walking to close to the side of the rode and the gravel and I just stepped wrong.  Allison actually got MAD at me.  It was her reaction to feeling bad for me and feeling frustrated that I keep doing this.  

So needless to say, I do not think I will be a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars..."  (Yeah, because my bad ankle is the reason I will not be invited to dance on the show...)

Us before the "accident"...  Luke loves to go for a walk.

 Icing the ankle...

This knee got scraped worse than the other knee, but it did not take the brunt of the fall...

This knee took the hit.  It is swollen and so, so sore... (Ignore the "old" legs... That's a filter I used for the photo since my legs are so youthful looking and I did not want anyone to feel insecure about their own legs... )

Here is the swollen ankle before my entire foot swelled.  The small "knot" that I have on my ankle is a stress fracture residual.  It popped up on one of my many sprains....
4 days later and I cannot walk on the foot and it is still swollen.  Although, I CAN put pressure on it, so that's a good thing.  I am ready for it to heal so I can get out there and keep walking!  I know you are thinking "Are you crazy?"  I LOVE walking.  It makes me feel good. 

Speaking of "Dancing with the Stars", how about that Kelli Pickler?! She is amazing!   Do you think they stack the deck for Derek Hough?  I like Derek, but it sure does seem as if he gets the really talented celebrities!  

Keep creating friends!  It heals mind, body and soul!


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