Monday, April 22, 2013

That's rude!

You will not believe this one... Or maybe I am naive?

I have worked as a contractor at this current law firm for over a year now.  It is customary in a law firm that the firm celebrates Administrative Assistant Day for an entire week and celebrates all non-attorney personnel.  

Last year, even though I had been at the firm for only 1 month, I was included in the celebrations.

This year, I was told "I don't want to hurt your feelings, but we were told that we could only honor actual employees and we needed to keep the line between employees and non-employees."

Everyone got this little "banner" on their nameplate this morning.  I sit out in the open and I do not have one on my nameplate.  I think this is just rude.  Anyone else?

Oh the joys of humanity at times....

I'm going to keep creating folks!  It is my true joy anyway!  




  1. That is totally rude! Gee, how much effort would that have taken. So sorry Tracy...

    1. I agree Susan! And, I found out that the other contractors (the Mailroom folks) ARE included. I'm wondering if I should take this personally? Lol. Thanks Susan for the comment!

  2. you should make one that says "I make a difference" hang it on your nameplate.

  3. Obviously they wanted to save the $1 it would have taken to give you one, too.

    1. Exactly Deb. Today, everyone got that little banner, a certificate saying "Good job!" and candy. How much does that cost and what are they losing financially in employee morale?

  4. I have a client that actually did this to one of my temps. It was over having her come to a Christmas party and I was livid. I thought it was very rude and in poor taste. I even let my client know but it did not change it.