Monday, June 20, 2011

Keeping Focused

There are some bloggers who keep their personal lives private, and I do understand that.  However, for me, I enjoy reading blogs about every day occurrences in our lives.   It makes us human.  On that note, lots of positive things have been going on with me in the last month.  

 I've gone back to college.  When I finished my Associate's last December, I had to wait until May due to financial aid to start my Bachelor's.  I started back on May 17th and I can tell you, learning is really fascinating.   I'm still studying Information Technology (since that is where my experience is from) and I hope I can find a job when I'm finished to pay off my loans!  Right now, the only problem I see is it's cutting into my creative time!   I attend the University of Phoenix and I really enjoy going to college from the comfort of my home.  The classes are really fast paced and finish in 5 weeks.  It's quite the whirlwind, I'd say...  But I like the challenge.

I had foot surgery two days ago.  I have been walking around with a sore heel for at least 13 years and decided it was time to fix it!  Cortizone shots were no longer cutting the mustard!  I had plantars fasciitis and my doctor made two incisions on my heel and cut the tendon that was causing me issues.  Right now, it hurts.    But I get to take the boot off tomorrow and try to put a regular shoe on... I'm not sure if I'll be able to walk, but as we all know, time will heal it and I will be better off.  (At least, I'm sticking to that story and hoping for the best!!!)

Next week I'll be going to Wichita, Kansas to get my Intermediate Copic Certified Designer training!  There were no classes in my area until December, so I am visiting my in-laws in Wichita and going to class!  It's a win-win! 

Enough about me....   

For this particular card, I did not use Copics.  I was given the task of creating a card with flowers and watercolors.  I used a gray card stock and a pink card stock which I ran through my Cuttlebug folder.  The stamps are from StampTV.  I used my Stamping Up watercolor crayons to color the image.  Then I used some crocheted flowers that I harvested from a skirt that I purchased from the thrift store!  I added the gray ribbon and a pink button, along with yellow stickles at the center of each flower.  

Have a wonderful week!

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