Friday, June 17, 2011

"A Prairie Fairy Event"...

I have some most exciting news for me... I am going to attend Jenn Hayslips "Once Upon a Dream - A Prarie Fairy Event" in Asheville, NC!  As Jenn states: "This event is for the free-spirit and creative souls that still believe in fairytales...."

 The event takes place in October.  I initially missed the opportunity to sign up (it filled up quickly!) but recently received an email from Jenn saying that a spot had opened up!  I cannot tell you the excitement that I'm feeling!  This is a true art event with some seriously artsy women in attendance!   I am so intimidated.  My hope is to learn and to be inspired.  I have no doubt that these goals will be met.

During the event, we will be having swaps.  I've signed up for them all!  Do you think I'm crazy? Because  I do!  But when I started thinking about which one I wanted to participate in, I couldn't fathom missing out on one.  So I signed up for them all.  I have to create an apron, a small fairy house and a fairy shoe, to name a few...  Over the next few months, I'll post my creations as I'm going through them.  I cannot hardly wait!

Once Upon an Event...


  1. It is kismet that things worked out the way they did. I am so excited you are going - I can't stand it!! It will definitely be a dreamy event! xxoo Heidi

  2. Hi, I came across your name as a certified instructor for the Copic Markers...I wanted to see how they are used before committing to purchasing them. I live in Newnan and was wondering if you have time to show me?? I'm not sure how this works...I signed up on the Copic website to inform me of classes. Or do you know somewhere that has classes?? Thanks...
    my personal email is