Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wedding Journey - Michael's Venue 1

The difference between a son getting married and a daughter getting married is astounding.  Well, in my case anyway...  As stated in this post, Michael and Casey live in Albuquerque.  They are moving to Missouri to Casey's home town.  However, they've decided to get married in Georgia along the way.  Pretty exciting for me. 

Casey is doing all of the planning and she seems on the ball.  All she needs from me up until this point is "legs on the ground and a pair of eyes."  I can do that!  So, she asked if I would take a look at a venue that she has picked out.  What Casey and Michael like about this place is that it has a sense of history (it was built in 1906); it's in our hometown; and it cost $675 to rent!  Michael and Casey are paying for most of their wedding, so anything that does not break the bank makes them happy.  

So hubby and I went to take a look.  It's on the back side of the town square in Fayetteville, GA.  It's called The Hollingsworth House.  It seems they do not have their own webpage, but you can check the site out here.  As I said earlier, it was built in 1906.  Michael is a history major in college, so that's important to him.  There is a room that is large enough to have a beautiful ceremony in front of a fireplace,

or a stained glass window;

a dance room;

a gorgeous back entry;

  and a room that will hold all of the food.  

LOOK  at those chandeliers!  

It has a wonderful feel to it.  So warm.  It will be beautiful for their December 15th wedding.   A Christmas tree will sit in the corner along with some beautiful wreaths adorning the windows.  I cannot wait to see it.

They haven't made their final decision, but I think it's perfect for them!

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  1. Hollingsworth House is such a beautiful venue. Each event I have attended there has been very festive with great wait staff. I think they will love it! xxoo Heidi