Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wedding Journey - The Venue

It just dawned on me that you are not aware of our venue.  

Jessica and Scott chose the
Dekalb History Center, formerly known as the Old Decatur Courthouse.  The history of the courthouse tells us that "In 1898, a Neoclassical style courthouse replaced the [former] modest brick building. Made from granite, the new structure had many new amenities, including a special room for ladies, complete with toilets [we are certainly grateful for that!].   Images from the early 1900s show the rural courthouse that is/was – it is in the middle of a wide grassy lawn, atop one of the areas highest point, and no visible commercial structures. In 1908, a Confederate monument was erected in front of the building.   

At 5:20 a.m. on September of 1916, firefighters were once again called to save the county courthouse. Although the interior of the building was destroyed, fireproof safes protected most of the county’s records. The thick Lithonia granite walls withstood the flames, and they provide the foundation for the Old Courthouse that is now the home of the DeKalb History Center.  After the fire, the county retained what they could of the exterior of the building. The cupola was not rebuilt after the fire, but the two historic clocks were placed in the remaining porticoes. Completed in 1918, the new courthouse featured an addition of two new wings and an interior clad with Alabama marble." 

 Modern photos show a beautiful structure that has stood the test of time.  This photo showcases the outside.

 The room where court used to take place is all marble.  This photo is an example of how the ceremony will be set up. 


In the windows, we are going to have manzanita trees.  I purchased them from Jenn Hayslip and I blogged about her event, that I was lucky enough to attend, in my previous post HERE (go check it out, it was magnificent!).  

 These photos show a few pictures of the trees.

 Aren't they beautiful?

This is a picture of a florist that is setting up for an event.   We are hoping to also have some sort of branches or flowers in the arch as well.

LOOK at that beautiful arch!  This is where our "alter" will be located.

Again, I cannot wait until this wedding day so I can celebrate Jessica and Scott.  I'll show pictures then.  

Get busy creating!

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