Monday, February 18, 2013

Pinterest Project #2!

Well, if you are out there reading this, you have been following me on this wedding journey.  It involves 15 months and two of my three children.  

My son's wedding is a moving target because my son and his fiance' are doing the wedding themselves.  So, plans change because their schedule and finances need to remain fluid.  They are both students.  Remember those years of ramen noodles and English papers written 12 hours before they were due?  So, I understand the moving target.  Their hopes are to get married May 11th of this year.

My other child, my first daughter (second child) is getting married in 19 days.  At this point, there are "cracks in the foundation".  Don't get me wrong....  My daughter has been a dream and we've had 15 months to plan her wedding.  But we are so close that any slight variation in the plan can have a tendency to cause undue stress.  It is my job to keep filling those cracks with the needed "adhesive" so that we will not have a total collapse!  Have not heard from the deejay in a few days?  No problem!  Mom's adhesive = email the deejay several times in one day.  Having a wedding coordinator change 19 days out?  No problem!  Mom's adhesive = friend Abby to the rescue!  The only problem is that my daughter is not as confident as I am but I'm older and have more life experiences and know these things will work out.  It's all going to be just fine.  She's still just a babe...

Okay, back to some more creativity.  In Pinterest Project #2, I have created initials that I will be using to decorate the venue.  I got the idea from HERE.   Aren't those just gorgeous?  So I began gluing moss to my large, 3 feet initials.  After I had almost finished with Scott's initial, Jessica asked "Can you change that and use raffia instead?"  Hmm....  So I searched the stores for "ocean blue"/teal raffia and could not find any.  I continued with my moss covered letters and think it turned out real pretty. 

These pictures show the flowers that I added to each initial. 

 What do you think from this small glimpse?  This was so easy to do.  However, one note:  I started with glue and then switched to hot glue.  It worked much better.  

Come back in three weeks to see all of our pictures of this FABULOUS event that I'm CERTAIN everything is going to go well!  

Thanks friends and keep being creative!

Participating in Metamorphosis Monday over at Susan's Porch!

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