Friday, April 12, 2013

Fashion Friday - Post 1

Okay, you realize that the only reason I am posting this is to keep myself accountable so that I make a change, right?  Because... this is embarrassing.  

As I have stated before, I am trying to update my fashion sense and I am failing miserably.  Take a look at this ensemble that I actually wore to work this week. 

Egads!  (Does anyone say that anymore?)

I am a short woman.  These Capri pants did NOTHING to help to elongate myself.  The sneakers I can forgive because I have a sprained ankle (hence, the untied shoe).  But the casual shirt, the too big Capri pants?  I look as wide as I look tall!   Not a great combo.  

Now, because I know me, I will have to actually take these pants to Goodwill this weekend (after a wash) and donate them so that I will not wear them again.  If I do not do that and hang them back up, you can bet your sweet bippy that I will put these puppies on again!!!  (Does anyone say "sweet bippy" anymore?)

What I was thinking when I walked into my closet today was "comfort" and "cool" (because it is going to be warm today).  For me, those two adjectives will make me show no concern for fashion in a quick New York minute.  But once I arrived at work and realized my fashion faux-pas, I sat at my desk all day, dying of shame and hoping no one would need me so people would not see me!  The question is, how can I get "comfort", "cool", and "fashion" all together?

So, I have once again been scouring the Internet for fashions for plus size women.  And what I find frustrates me.  Take a look at this picture....

I like this top.  She's lovely.  However, does this woman look like a plus sized model to you?  Do you KNOW what that top would look like on me and my shape?  Okay, I know that you do not know me personally, so take it from me... It would accentuate the part of me that I want to hide!  How can we women make sound choices on fashion when clearly the fashion world does not appreciate that women come in all shapes and sizes?  I think I need to write to the Fashion Police and express my concern...

I found a few new websites for plus sized shopping.  Check out Roamans.  That is where I found the top above and I am liking everything I have seen so far.  

Except for maybe these:


I do not think I could wear those to work either.  Are we back in the 70s? 

Also take a look at OneStopPlus.  Look how cute...

And this....

Both sites have really cute clothes for reasonable prices.  I just wish they would use a more realistic view of their clothing.  I tell you what... I will order something and give you feedback.   I will tell hubby it is for research!  This blogging is getting fun!

Thanks for continuing to read!  I appreciate your support!

Keep creating because it makes the world a beautiful place!


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