Thursday, April 11, 2013

Scaredy Cats...

Last night, I was talking to my youngest daughter...  just catching up on our day.  I told her that when I was old, alone and poor that I wanted to live with her because she and I get along famously.  We do not butt heads, much...  (Notice the placement of that comma.... It causes you to pause and then you realize the emphasis...  clever, huh?)

As we were talking, a wasp came out of no where and flew near us.  She makes the sound that Moe (or was it Curly?) of the Three Stooges used to make... kinda a shudder/moan and yells "Bee!"  She starts hightailing it my way as I proceeded to grab her and off we go in the other direction, grasping onto each other like we were being stalked by Jack, The Ripper.

Let me explain something here... I believe that parents are supposed to exhibit behavior that they want to see in their children.  You know... show them courage when taking medicine, and they exhibit courage.  Show them attention when they are explaining every detail regarding the movie that they just watched, and they will show you attention when you are explaining why broccoli is good for them (okay, that one is a stretch....).  Show them how afraid of bugs you are, and they do will become deathly afraid of bugs too...   WAIT!  What?  (One of these things is not like the others...)

I couldn't help it friends...  I tried to be a good mom, I swear I did... But bugs are my nemesis... My ultimate fear... Just the thought of one crossing over my body and I can feel their legs makes me cringe as I am typing this.  I shuddered just then... Seriously...  Once when watching Survivor (when the family comes to visit the contestant and the family member must eat a bug to see each other), I told my hubby that he would be on his own... I would flat out refuse.  I have had this deathly fear since I was a kid.  And I just have no desire to conquer it.  They are GROSS!  So back to last night...  My kids have the same fear.  All of them.  I have had to have neighbors come over to kill bugs if my hubby is not home.  It is a sickness, I know...

I have three cats and none of them were interested in this bee.  Well, Harley Dent was a little interested, but she's a black belt when it comes to killing lizards, so a bee just did not interest her.  "Thanks A LOT for NOTHING, Baby Dent!"

As we are running from a tiny bee and I am having to hobble because I have a sprained ankle, Allison decides that she is going to suck the bee up with the vacuum cleaner.  But the thought of "a long tube with a trapped bee inside it" and Allison holding that "long tube with no chance of the bee getting out but she's holding it"  prevented her from making the move.  RIDICULOUS!  That opportunity is lost in a split second (it's a bee!) and it flies off.... Into the dishwasher....  Where we promptly close the door and turn the unit on....

I think I might change my mind when it comes to living with her...     

Be creative!


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  1. buhahahaha! I can confirm.. the Boyle's (David excluded) are afraid of bugs, and rightly so!