Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Let's analyze....SPOILER ALERT!

SPOILER ALERT:  If you have not watched the Season 3 finale of The Walking Dead and do not want to read spoilers, please do not read any further.  I will now add several lines of blank space....

And while you are scrolling, you can take a look at Daryl, there on the left with the crossbow.  Are you kidding me?  Just pause here for a minute.  You will thank me... And Rick, there in the center...  Ah....  Usually I do not like scrawny men... Just... something... Cannot put my finger on it... Or can I?  

I hear a faint voice that sounds like Cher telling me to "Snap out of it!"  (Name that movie!)

Back to our analysis....


WHY THE FACE???  Look, I was sick of Andrea just like most of The Walking Dead's viewers!  I mean, COME ON!   Walking around with a chip on her shoulder all the time... Ridiculing Dale each time he tried to project humanity within the group...  Then going all soft and IGNORANT when she met the Governor...  I just feel like her storyline was set up for us to not like her.  She was a bad-ass the entire time and then all of a sudden, when she knows how evil the Governor is, she cannot take him out for the sake of humanity?  

Here is Andrea mourning the loss of her sister right before she puts a bullet in her head for the sake of humanity!!!  As I said before, she was a bad-ass!

The hesitation of not taking out the Governor cost a lot of lives!  But that is not my real beef...  Let's discuss...

Remember this scene?

Here Andrea was bound by the walker on the left side of the tree, but still was able to kill several more walkers while she was being held!  She valiantly got out of the proverbial "pickle" and was able to live another day....


First of all, WHY do you continue to talk to a man who is dying and will be a zombie in 30 seconds after said death, instead of making progress with grabbing the pliers with your toes?  Even MILTON, who was DYING said "You need to hurry!"  When did Andrea become so ignorant?

How is it that Andrea gets one hand free with the pliers before zombie Milton "awakens"... has pliers and a free hand (as mentioned two seconds ago) and cannot kill zombie Milton???  After the tree incident above???  Seriously? 

But to no avail... zombie Milton bit Andrea on the neck, even though Andrea could have shoved the pliers into his eye socket and killed him.. held onto those pliers while he keeled over... and then uncuffed her other hand...  See, I should be a screenwriter....

Alternate ending:  Andrea could have kicked zombie Milton in the chest to knock him backwards while continuing to free her other hand.  She could have continued kicking him until her other hand was free and then shoved the pliers into his skull...  Darn, I'm good at this!

By the time help arrived, Andrea was burning up with the fever.  The zombie fever.  (We should make that into the newest dance craze!  Forget the Harlem Shake!)  Andrea had to take her own life while her best friend Michone was holding her hand until the dying end.  Or so we think that is how it happened since the cameras did not let us see it actually happening...  What if Andrea killed Michone and is coming back to eat the entire cast???  

Okay, maybe I shouldn't quit my day job.

I need a diversion from all this angst...

Okay, all is again right with the world...  Your thoughts on the season 3 ending?

Do something creative!  Make the world a more beautiful place!


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