Tuesday, April 30, 2013


UPDATE: (2:31 E.D.T)  I bought those red chairs below with 15 minutes to spare!  I hope you are looking at Wayfair's Daily Deals!  I cannot wait to show you my chairs on the deck when I get them.   And I got free shipping too!! 

Recently, in my travels throughout "Blogland" (if you have never been there, you should visit!),  I've stumbled upon a a website called Wayfair.com.  Have you heard of it yet? 

Sidebar:  I should start this post out by saying I am in no way affiliated with Wayfair.com.  This is my own personal opinion. 

And my opinion says "WOWZA!"  They have some really nice stuff and their deals of the day are phenomenal.  Each day I get an email in my inbox with many deals of the day and their low prices.  Let me give you a few:

Take a look at this Griffin 3 Piece Seating in Red.  It's $127.00!!!

And what about this outdoor rug?

It's only $80.00!

Check them out and be sure to sign up for the Daily Deals.  I do not believe you will be sorry!



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