Monday, April 29, 2013

DIY - Mom's Bathroom Remodel - Update

If you have been reading my blog this year, you know that my hubby was remodeling my mom's master bathroom. You can read the beginning HERE

Well, it is 95% finished.  (I know you have been holding your breath in anticipation!)  

(Hello?  Anyone out there?  ;-.))

Because hubby did most of this while I was working, I do not have many photos of the "during".

Here is the bathroom now:

Mom chose a unique tile that looks like old barn wood. 

She kept the shower floor lighter and we really liked this small square pattern.  This tile was purchased in sheets at Lumber Liquidators. 

The sides are capped with a decorative tile that adds a little femininity to the shower.  She also got this tile at Lumber Liquidators.

This might be my favorite part of the bathroom.  My parents bought this antique dresser and it was painted with white paint that was peeling off.  My step-dad refinished it to this beautiful masterpiece.  They used it as their sink base.   Sorry for the fuzzy picture!

My mom's sink base which was purchased at Home Depot online...

And their floor....  It was purchased at Lowe's.

Their whole bathroom is enveloped with warmth.  Not only because of the wood tones, but there is a heated floor underneath!  Mom said this is her kitty's favorite new spot!

Hubby does have a few more things to take care of like finishing off the linen closet the old/small shower was and putting in the baseboards.  I think he did a great job.

What do you think?

"The worst  enemy to creativity is self-doubt."  Sylvia Plath



I'm participating in Metamorphosis Monday over at Susan's porch.  Join us there for lots of Before and Afters. 


  1. I love the bathroom....and love the barnwood tile...I would love to put that on a floor...who is the manufacturer?...Great transformation! and I love that they refinished the dresser/ is gorgeous!!!

  2. Thanks Shirley for commenting! It made my day! My mom believes the manufacturer is Egerton and she got it at Lumber Liquidators.

  3. What an amazing bathroom! It is just gorgeous...he did a wonderful job. :)

  4. From dresser to sink base. Nice! Your husband has been doing a great job here. This bathroom has transformed a lot since he started it early this year. I suppose it’s finished now. Can we take a look? =D Ron @